The New Hit Slot: Moon Princess

Moon Princess, a video slot released by Play’N Go in 2017, has been captivating the imagination of slot enthusiasts over the past few years. Even though highly volatile, this grid slot with 20 paylines is the perfect proof of how branding can do magic even when it comes to the most difficult gambling games. Moon Princess is a tough nut to crack, and it is now even more popular than upon the initial release. 

Riding on the wave of 1990s nostalgia, Moon Princess offers a thrilling adventure that will satisfy the most demanding casino punters. Thanks to detailed graphics and amazing features it is not only challenging but highly addictive and fun as well. 

Moon Princess Slot Theme

It is pretty obvious how Play’N Go was highly influenced by Sailor Moon anime and manga series, which made this slot a popular choice among female audiences. The design of the game is very anime-like, and it is impossible to resist not only amazing graphics but motivating sound effects as well. As you play, the tempo and the genre of the music will change to motivate you and keep you on the edge of your seat, just like an anime soundtrack would do in a tv series. 

The reels are surrounded by a gold frame, and it seems as if symbols are floating mid-air. But, don’t let the cutesy appearance fool you. Moon Princes has an RTP of only 96%, thus making it one of the most difficult slot games available at the moment. Though it doesn’t stop online gamblers who want to try リアルマネースロット — online slots for real money. 

How to Play Moon Princess?

Moon Princess follows three princesses from space: Love, Star, and Storm, and each of them has special superpowers they use on your reels. So, when you see a princess standing next to reels, you will know what is about to come just from their appearance. It is amazing how Play’N Go managed to integrate characters not only to the backdrop, as a decorative piece, but in the game where they can be of crucial importance for your winnings. 

Three companions are the most rewarding symbols, but it is also important to mention the Moon symbol that ensures a payout of 5000 coins. There are also Winged Bell, Blue Star, Golden Heart, and Green Disc. To ensure the highest level of fun, Play’N Go also integrated some interesting features. 

Girl Power

This feature utilizes the powers of three princesses, as they randomly rotate on the playing interface. Thanks to their magic, even non-winning spins can become rewarding. Love will transform a set of symbols, and hopefully, help you achieve the winning combination. Star adds two wild symbols, and Storm removes symbols. 

Trinity Princess

On the left side of the playing interface, you will notice the Trinity meter, which is filled every time you hit a winning combo with the Princess symbol. Once fully charged, every Moon Princess will take a turn in helping you hit that winning combination and clearing the board. 

Free Spins

Once you clear the grid, you will have to choose a princess. Each princess has a special offer for you: Love is four free spins, Star is five free spins, Storm is eight free spins. The fewer the number of free spins, the more often will the princess show up to help you clear the board. 

The good news is that multipliers don’t reset after each spin, so every player can reach x20 multiplier. This makes winning even easier! Every player that clears the grid during free spins is rewarded with 100x the initial bet. Free spins really take the entire gaming experience to the next level. 

Moon Princess Tech Specifications

Considering it was released quite recently, Moon Princess can be played on multiple devices thanks to 16:9 resolution. Play’N Go website mentions this popular slot is accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can use iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux. 

The game is available in several languages besides English. You can play it in 37 languages, including some languages that we don’t see quite often such as Czech or Croatian. 

Conclusion: Why Do We Love Moon Princess? 

Let’s face it, Moon Princess is using the 90’s nostalgia in the best possible way, because once it gets your attention it will offer an amazing gaming experience. As a highly volatile video slot, it is definitely not for those with weak nerves or hot temper, but that explains why it found its way to the hearts of female players across the globe. Even though there have been quite a few similar releases in the past few years, Moon Princess is still more than relevant in the casino industry. 

Moon Princes is the perfect example of how even the most difficult games can gain a large fan base. Thanks to amazing graphics, interesting characters and features, sound effects and not to mention winning opportunities, Moon Princes managed to disguise its tough nature. 

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