The best Korean Webtoon app to read Manhwa in 2021

People who use technology are becoming more varied in the mobile era of technological growth. Their stated purpose is to provide entertainment after a long day or after a class hour. There are some entertainment outlets available to them include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, online comic book reading websites, and even online gaming sites. Depending on the needs and preferences of each person, they choose entertainment platforms that suit them. Some people like to make friends on social networking sites, others like to read comic books. And according to recent research, the percentage of users accessing comics websites is increasing. Among them, Korean Webtoon is the most accessible. Knowing the increasing demand of comic book enthusiasts, the manufacturer has launched many websites. Most Webtoon sites are free, so readers don’t need to spend any money, which has led to some following loyal fans.
Not only that, but the producers also produce movies adapted from famous comic books, which attracts even more users. That’s a good idea!

But besides that, not all comic book enthusiasts find the right websites for them. That’s why this article will give you some of the best Korean Webtoons you.

1 – WEBTOON.UK is at the top of this list. is a website that was launched in 2015 . offers up-to-date trends on its homepage, similar to what a regular portal can offer. Unlike Google, which only has a simple search box, displays the most frequently searched keywords of manhwa. What makes even more interesting is that you can see the likes/dislikes on each comment. Some answers can have more than 10k votes and spread very quickly to others. In addition, every day, more than 20 webtoons are updated on The popular webtoons regularly collect nearly 30,000 ratings and over 10,000 reviews from readers in less than 12 hours.


In second place is READFREECOMICS.COM. it is a free app for read manhwa. belonging to the category Comics. The platform offers more than 500 completed webtoons. This platform can be considered as one of the first websites to reach foreign markets. In addition, READFREECOMICS.COM provides many translations for many different languages so that readers who do not know Korean can also read the stories they are following. If you like to create comics or you want to find a place to upload your products, READFREECOMICS.COM is the best choice for you. READFREECOMICS.COM always encourages new authors and creates conditions for them to learn and develop themselves. The first thing you want to use on this site is that you need to register an account, then when licensed by the producer, you can upload stories.


MANHWA.INFO is a name that you should not ignore. This site provides webtoon for platforms in China, the USA, and Japan. You may not know, when it comes to topics about 18+, most websites avoid it because the title is quite sensitive. They are afraid of affecting the psychology of teenagers. However, the MANHWA.INFO website is the first platform for the 18+ series. It is a good idea from the manufacturer. Moreover, the platform is updating stories daily, and users will be able to read manhwa for free. MANHWA.INFO’ interface is user-friendly even for beginners.
Another great website that the article wants you to experience is KakaoPage. An online bookstore application for digitized anime, novels, a web services company based in Korea, has successfully gained popularity became widely popular in Japan after targeting Japanese customers. This site offers a large volume of completed series of various genres. The site is the most popular in Korea, where it receives up to one million visitors each hour. Most of the series are free, but you can pay a fee to read the previews and receive a notification on your phone.
A website placed last on this list is Many Comics because it has some special functions. Firstly, the interface of the website is user-friendly, as well as the beautiful colors. Second, the site has an additional history tool that allows users to review stories they have read before. Moreover, the website also has the function of categorizing transmissions by topic, genre, so on to help users easily search for manhwa. One point that you should pay attention to is the website that specializes in producing BL genres. It is considered a new genre in the comic industry.

If you are the manhwa lover , you can discover best manhwa online below in 2021

1 –
2 –
3 –
4 – Manytoon Comics
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8 –
9 –
10 –

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