ISO Certification: Types, Merits and Importance

ISO certification is done for a company to prove that the company has international standards as defined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to its merit. The ISO develops various international standards that are accredited to companies to prove that they are professional and structured in their organisation. There are various ISO certifications like ISO 13485, ISO 900, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, etc. Different ISO standards have different benefits. Some of the common benefits of ISO certification are:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Reduced costs
  4. Reduced risks
  5. Engaged and dedicated employees

Being ISO certified means the company has the responsibility or commitment to achieve objectives, acquire credibility and give customer satisfaction for the product or service.

Which are the Different Standards?

ISO 13485 is the internationally recognised certification for businesses in production, storage and distribution, design and development, installation, and supply of medical devices. This standard illustrates that the business of medical devices is responsibly and efficiently managed with complete professionalism. Nowadays, everybody depends on accredited companies as they are highly reliable.

ISO 9001 is the most wanted standard for an organisation that needs to improve its customer satisfaction. This standard which helps one meet their customers’ requirements, has become the world’s most important quality standard.

ISO 14001 certification that aids organisations to fulfil their environmental commitments and convey the customers about environmental improvements achieved. It helps to manage the impact of the activities of an organisation on nature.

ISO 27001 helps to effectively manage the information security of the business and satisfies the requirements for integrity, confidentiality and information accessibility. This standard shows that the business is efficiently managed to ensure information security and never compromise on professionalism.

Why Is It Important?

ISO certifications are crucial for organisations to develop business, improve management systems, enhance efficiency and productivity and ensure safe and healthy workplaces. Certification, nowadays, is used as tools to promote products and services in the era of competitive business. ISO standards ensure the efficiency of the business operations, increase productivity and guarantee access to new markets. It helps in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. For opening up new markets across the world, a credible certification contributes greatly.

People who do servicing of medical devices or associated services or activities have to comply with ISO 13485 standard. This certification will increase the international trade opportunities of businesses related to medical devices—strict requirements of the certification helps in validating the product’s compliance with internationally accepted requirements.

How To Get Certified?

Professional consultation agencies will help organisations or companies to develop a management system with no complications and minimum documentation. Some of them make the process very easier by concentrating on essential activities that are required to complete certification. There are very simple and efficient yet affordable services available. They won’t lead the process to become overly complex. To make the business more competitive, these expert consultants play an important role. So, before going for a consultancy service, always check whether they are effective and do the job within a stipulated time and for affordable prices.

How Much it Costs?

The costs of ISO certification vary depending on the size and level of the company. A company can do one or more accreditation processes for which they have to pay separately. Some agencies do this for flexible and affordable costs.

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