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Page 20 of 24 Mati Calao, owner of a Whatsappsinghtechcrunch City, Calif., discovered that her wiring could no longer be controlled from her office. Within two weeks, Calao lost control of her complex and its millions of dollars. She sued Facebook for invasion of privacy and fraud, but the company won on all but one count. Less than a week after losing her garage, she filed suit against “Verizon” for invasion of privacy. The company argued that Calao’s blog was an unauthorized dissemination of information and an intrusion into personal data. In another case, a Facebook employee downloaded material from a user’s account without authorization. In all cases the court upheld the right to exercise free speech or privacy while performing work on behalf of employees with limitations on how much personal information can be revealed.

The world of work and personal life is now connected via social media.

It’s not just work and relationships that are becoming more digital. Social media is now a part of everyday life. In an email, you can add a congratulatory message or share a photo with friends. On Facebook you can add photos, videos and comments just as on Instagram, and on Twitter you can reply to messages and repost photos. At work, you can discuss projects, projects failed, and responsibilities. On the phone, you can call friends or colleagues and exchange information. Think of these features as digital extensions of the world of work.

The future of employee leave and retirement.

Employees can leave at any time, but most companies require at least some term or contract leave. When you leave, you can choose whether to return to work or take a self-deportation. If you choose to return to work, you’ll still need to meet certain requirements to be eligible for retirement plans. For instance, you must have been on the job for at least 10 years to be eligible for a 401(k) plan and for a government-subsidized retirement plan. If you don’t work, you may be able to claim early retirement at your normal retirement age. But if you choose to return to work, you’ll need some type of special retirement plan.

Facebook’s role in our digital future.

As technology advances, so does Facebook. In May 2016, Facebook released its first major updates to its platform — including the ability to create and share videos and images. Since then, the company has been working on ways to make its platform better. In December 2017, Facebook released its “Make an Account” feature to get you started. At the time of publication, the feature had been deployed to 5,000 users.

The final word: Should you delete your account?

We love our social media. We use them for communication and fun, and we’re always looking forward to meeting new friends. But when someone loses access to their social media, it’s critical that they are allowed to use those accounts again. That’s where social media deletion comes into play. A social media platform’s policies for deleting accounts depend on the platform and the rules and regulations of the platform. If you are looking for a platform that has the same rules for all users, then you should check out Facebook.

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