How to prepare for the CAPM certification exam

CAPM is a certification concerning the project management aspects of IT organization. The main aim of this certification is to verify the skill and knowledge of the concerned candidate regarding the management of project and the allied factors for achieving better results and client satisfaction. CAPM can thus be expanded as Certified Associate in Project Management. The authoritarian body for the certification of CAPM is the Project Management Institute (PMI), London. To prepare for the examination of CAPM certification and qualify it in the first attempt, one must consider the following details about it first and utilize the tips provided. 

Total questions: – 150. Out of which 15 are feedback questions and do not carry any marks. 

Duration of the examination: – 3 hours

Prerequisites required for applying the test- The best thing about the CAPM certification is the choice that it provides regarding the prerequisites one has to confirm to in order to be eligible to apply for the CAPM certification examination. There are two sets of prerequisites that have been formulated keeping in view the experience holders and candidates without any experience whatsoever. The experience holders need to confirm at least a secondary degree or equivalent along with 1500 + hours of work in the field of project management while the freshmen can opt for a high school degree or equivalent along with 23 + hours of formal education on project management.

Syllabus: – The total course of a project has been divided into five stages such as initiation, strategically planning, execution, evaluation and closure with documentation. The factors of a project that require efficient management for better results and are included in the syllabus can be summarized as:-

  • Project integration
  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Risk
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder 
  • Procurement 

These are the ten knowledge areas that constitute the lion’s share of CAPM syllabus.

Medium: – the main medium of the questionnaire is English although it is available in 13 other languages.  

Passing marks: – There is no fixed passing percentage for obtaining the certification but the safe percentage to achieve the certificate is said to be 70%. PMI does not undertake negative marking scheme in the certification test for CAPM exam

Tips for cracking CAPM certification test:-

  • Undertaking training has never been seen to cause harm. PMI accredited training courses are the best to consider.
  • The best knowledge source to study with for the CAPM certification is the PMBOK guide. (Project Management Body of Knowledge).
  • One more book or training material or even kindle version is suggested in order to expand the horizon of knowledge. It also provides a second voice of explanation and makes it easier for the candidate to grasp the concepts.
  • Appearing for several mock tests detects the lacuna in preparation and also improves the time management skills.
  • Revise and revise until you rise.
  • On the day before the examination, do not panic and have proper meals and rest. Revise but do not mess your mind up.
  • On the day of the examination, recheck all the requirements for the examination such as network connectivity, hardware, permitted stationery, etc.
  • Start out by filling the easiest questions first and then attempt the hard and the length ones.
  • Submit on time and wait for the result.

Retest: – in case the candidate fails to make his or her mark in the first attempt, the second test can be taken for the application fees of $150 only.

Validity: – The validity of the certificate is between 3 and 5 years within which the candidate must take the exam again or at least gain a minimum of 15 PDUs (Professional Development Units) in order to extend the validity of his or her certificate.

Management is a non negotiable aspect of life. Management of one’s assets and liabilities can put one at a better place than when not. It is more important for organisations solely concerned about the quality of their product and the remuneration thereof. To manage a project properly, a manager needs to consider many aspects including the skills of the concerned employees. This requires quite a high level of mastery of the art. Thus to choose the ‘one’, recruiters look for certifications by the third party. One of such certifications is CAPM and to clear it, the above tips shall come in handy.

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