How to pick a carpet for your home?

Carpets and rugs add warmth, color, and texture to a room and are reflective of your personality. The primary difference between a carpet and a rug is the size. Carpets are generally wall to wall, whereas rugs are smaller and cover only a specific part. Carpets can be placed in low-traffic areas in the house. If an area with high traffic is carpeted then choosing a darker color is a better option.

Carpets, just like a bedsheet or other decorative pieces, can dramatically improve the look of a room. Let us look at what factors can help you decide which carpet to pick for your home.

Durability – Carpets are a long-term investment and that is why the ones you pick need to have durable materials. Continuous wear and tear due to footfall and environmental factors can cause carpets to fray and pile to come out. Durability should be checked more so when there are children and pets.

Ease of cleaning – Carpets need to be vacuumed daily and shampooed periodically to ensure they are in proper shape. Tough stains like grease, oil, or food need to be removed immediately to avoid permanent discoloration.

Color of selection – The color of the carpet has a great influence on the look of the room. If the room has fewer windows, then choosing lighter colors is better as darker colors will make the room smaller and dingy. Carpet design should align with the rest of the furniture and ambiance of the room.

Purpose – Will the carpet be in the children’s room or living area? Will it be in your bedroom or the dining room? For an area with higher chances of spoilage or higher traffic, it’s wise to choose the easily washable material. On the other hand, a hand-tufted carpet or Persian carpet may be appropriate for your living area.

Feel of the carpet – The material of the carpet is essential when you know what you want underfoot. Do you want a plush carpet or a coarser kind? The height of the pile is what determines the feel of the carpet. The thickness along with the back of the carpet also makes it more comfortable.

The lighting of the room – It is important to note the kind of lighting that a room has before buying a carpet for that space. This includes the natural light during the day as well as the lighting fixtures during evening and night. Whether there are yellow lights, LEDs, or halogen lights, the carpet will give a completely different look in each case.

Maintenance of carpets is important and should be done as scheduled to ensure that carpets stay fresh and good-looking for a longer time. There are numerous options for buying carpets online and make it easier to look at the items available in the market. Along with the carpet itself, ensure you are also taking into consideration other factors like quality of installation, absence of bad stretching, and proper edging.

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