How to hack a phone in 2020

Hacking someone’s phone is a huge deal. Especially in 2020, all the smartphones, including the android and apple operating systems, provide some of the most outstanding protection against hackers in 2020. The companies made operating systems based on a bunch of coding. So a good hacker has some of the backdoor and system to get into someone’s phone without having them any notice. The Internet is full of scams and different viruses. It is easy to get access to anyone’s phone because everyone uses the Internet, and it is easy to inject the virus in their phone and get full access to the phone. But if you are interested in hacking someone’s phones, then you might want to check out some of the methods:

  1. Midnight Raid

Midnight raid is one of the most popular hacking methods of any smartphone. People call this method by this name because the maximum times the hackers do this hacking in midnight. You can also do this without any spyware installed on the target phone. It would help if you had a hacker tool kit and a running laptop with a wifi connection and two phones. One phone servers as the GSM modem and the other as a receiver of information. You start by using a simple text sms. Then the tool will connect to the Internet and run an application on the target phone. The text message from the target phone will return with all the required information the hacker needs.

  1. Message attack

Message attack means the hacker sends a specialized sms to the phone. The main advantage of this hacking is that you can control the whole phone setting by this type of hacking method. As pc has no message sending system, so the hacking process won’t work with tha pcs. You can easily disable the SSL and make the phone vulnerable. Then you can send a wipe code to make the whole phone wipe. But as the phones are getting advanced, the possibility of this hacking is becoming narrower.

  1. Installing any hacking app

Installing a hacking application on the target phone is one of the most successful methods of all time. A hacking app can access all the data and all the information on the phone and send it to the hacker automatically. The hacker can also choose what kind of data he needs or wipe out all the information on the device. If the phone has a decent security system, the phone user won’t notice anything, and the phone will keep sending data to the hacker.

  1. Making a fake wifi network

It is easy to make any wifi network by a mobile or laptop. In most cases, the newly booked the hotel search for the wifi network and connect to the free wifi service. But it is risky to connect your device to new wifi. You can quickly get all the data from the wifi’s target device, including all the essential data about the bank account. A simple hacking tool can do the job for you. The target won’t get a thing while you do your hacking job in the background.

  1. USB cable

In recent years after the android era, people have started to use USB cable a lot. A USB cable not only charges your android but also can transfer data from pc. Some of the hackers use their android phones as their hacking device. They install software on the android, and as soon as the device connected to the pc, it started to copy the file from the hard disk. Some of the software can crash your pc and can wipe all the data.

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