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How to Complete a Social Media Analysis

Social media analysis is a key part of any business’ marketing department responsibility. The practice can make the difference between a minimally successful business and hugely prolific business success. There are certain steps that can be taken in the employment of an effective social media analysis and they are outlined below.

Determine the Goal of Your Analysis 

In order to determine what methods you may use in your social media analysis program, you first have to set your goal. Do you want to better understand your target market? Are you seeking to gain comprehension of how your consumers view a particular product that your business vends? Are you looking to establish a sales campaign and not sure which product on which to focus? Establishing goals in your social media analysis is essential because it is the purpose for your work. Once you have established your goal, write it down or type it up.

Examine the Competition 

Prior to looking at your own social media presence for analysis, you should also take into consideration the activities of your competitors. It may be beneficial to learn about the social media platforms of leaders in your business’ market. If you are a pen manufacturer, you may follow and note the social media pages for Bic. You may follow the company’s page, examine who likes their posts, and examine who follows their posts. You can look at which posts from the company have gained the most likes and thereby understand your market better.

Audit Your Social Media Page 

You can gather information about consumer preferences from the social media pages of many of your competitors in the industry. Using this information, you may compose an audit of your own page. Your audit should include questions like: How many followers does my business currently have? Do we have more followers than we follow? How many likes do our posts receive each day? Each week? What are the comments that we receive on our page? What are the patterns in our negative feedback? What are the patterns in our positive feedback?

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Establish Your Target Market 

You will benefit from analyzing your social media page in order to establish your target market. You can look at the age range and location of those who post negative comments about your product and who post positive comments about your product. The age range and location of who post positive feedback about your company should be noted. You can target your product toward individuals who are of this age range and location. 

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Plan Your Campaign 

Once you have performed your social media analysis, you can use this information in order to format your next campaign. From this social media analysis, you should now know which visuals and language to use as modeled by those of successful competitors. You can use their visuals and terminology as a very loose framework. You can then use this to create your own visuals and writing using your particular brand without replicating your competitors. You can use the information from your audit to establish your new campaign and target your campaign toward your target market.

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