How to become a Pro at Basketball

In this article I will share the top Basketball tips for best dribbling. These tips would help you making your way to NBA 중계.

Develop your power dribbling

Imagine power dribbling like “run” in “crawl-go-run”. When you’re starting out, your biggest concern will be making sure the ball comes back close to your hand, but at some point you should also make sure the ball comes back just as quickly and with just as much pressure and control.

It all comes from the hip. To develop your power dribbling, first let the ball bounce alternately as you normally do and then with a little more power. Don’t let it bounce so hard that you lose control: let it bounce vigorously several times in a row without your arm coming up too high while you push it back down, then switch back to normal dribbling.

Try to dribble in the dirt. Here you have to let the ball bounce particularly hard so that it comes back to you at the same speed that you are used to. When you get used to it, go back in and dribble like you did dribble.

Practice your power crossovers 

A crossover is dribbling that lets the ball wander back and forth between your hands. A fast crossover makes it harder for the defender to steal the ball or get you out of motion. In the mid-1990s, Allen Iverson was known for his extremely fast and powerful crossovers.

Start by power dribbling four times with your right hand and do a hard crossover to your left hand on the fifth. Do the same thing again starting with your left hand. Then dribble three times before the crossover, then twice, then at some point do the power dribbling back and forth between your hands, then slowly bring it back again.

Dribbling sprints

Run “suicide” sprints in the field while power dribbling. Dribble from the baseline to the free throw line and back, then to the three-point line and back, then to the center line and back, and then to the other baseline and back.

Remember BEEF + C when you throw 

This donkey bridge should help you to think about the basics of the throw:

B = balance. Make sure you are in balance before you throw. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your knees should be bent, and you should be ready to jump.

E = Eyes. Always keep your eyes on the basket when you throw. Imagine that there is a penny in front of the ring that you are trying to hit with your throw.

E = Elbow. Keep your throwing elbow close to your body when throwing.

F = Follow Through. Make sure that you follow your throw; your throwing hand should look like you’re reaching into a cookie jar on a tall shelf.

C = Concentration / Awareness. This is the most important part of the litter. Focus on where the ball is going. Once you’ve made the decision to take a toss, stand by it and focus on taking the toss.

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