How do Slots Websites Decide on Which Game Slots Spins will go?

Juicy jackpots, massive multipliers, and funky bonus rounds, these are what any punter is aiming for when they place their bet on the online slot games at NZ Slots Baby. But, there is one bonus that everybody loves to have that nobody thinks to mention… the free spins!

Our humble free spin comes around more frequently than any other bonus and we believe that it can sometimes seem as though they should be taken for granted.

Despite all this, it is actually quite the ordeal for a slots website to decide on which games should gift players with free spins when they play or sign up. This may seem trivial for the average small fry, but knowing how an online slot site decides on which games give out the free spins to their customers means that you can know where to go to get the best deals!

What are the Main Factors that Slot Websites use to Decide on Which Games will Offer Free Spins Bonuses?

If you have been around the online casino block for a while now then you will know that there are actually four main ways of securing those free spins:

  1.       Signing up to a slot site and receiving a welcome bonus
  2.       Receiving extra free spins by being a loyal customer
  3.       Earning them by getting the correct spin in an actual slot game
  4.       Receiving them when a slot site is offering free spins on a selected game

This last one is the most important to any high roller who wants to take advantage of a slots website by selecting the games that are on offer when playing. By playing the games that the slots website has decided will offer free spins, you could be playing a multitude of games all for a fraction of the price you would normally spend!

But how do they decide which slots games spins will go?

  •         Performance – If an online slot website sees that a certain game is not getting the attention that it deserves then it could be liable to offering out some free spins so that more igamers can get involved.
  •         New Games – That feeling of seeing a hot new game kicking off is always exciting. Not just because it means new jackpots and ways to play, but also because the slot websites tend to decide to offer free spins so that more customers can play!
  •         Popularity – This can go one of two ways. Just like with the performance of an online casino game, if a website wants a slot to receive more traffic because it is either really good or needs more customers then it will decide to give free spins out to get more people involved.


If you are an igamer who likes to take advantage of all the ways to get the most out of a casino game for as little price as possible then we thoroughly suggest that you study these attributes so that you can tell where a website will decide on which slot games free spins will go!

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