Get Ready to Skyrocket Your Business with These Kickass WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

Whenever you think about marketing platforms to reach out to your target customers then your mind first comes up with names like Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. However, there are other platforms that have potentially more than their powerful effectiveness.

So, can you guess the platform? Yes of course it is WhatsApp. That’s the underestimated sheep. We underestimate this platform for its simplicity but the effectiveness is hidden in its simplicity.

In a survey of the last few years, it’s clearly shown that nowadays customers are more interested in interacting with brands via a texting app. WhatsApp also helps to develop a healthy relationship between brand and customer with its easy connect process.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing on WhatsApp?

There are many benefits hidden in bulk WhatsApp software. Sometimes we failed to attract the target audience with only text. But WhatsApp permitted us to customize our strategy with photos and videos which attract customers more.

Currently, WhatsApp customized itself with lots of variations which are related to business communication, and also, they are beneficial for companies. And WhatsApp marketing software which allows you to send alerts & notification messages to your customers quickly. Get Free Download.

So here we enlisted some beneficial point of WA

  • It helps for a better engagement among customers which help to build a strong bond between brand and customer which build a strong foundation for the company
  • Attractive ways are available for promotion and advertisement to grasp people more easily. Some beautiful graphics with illustrations always help to catch the eyes of a normal text note.
  • It helps majorly in brand positioning. When you communicate with your customers in person, you need to always remember what your customers wish or what their expectations from you and your business, and therefore will place your promotion communications that have supported it. After you reply to your customer’s queries, they’ll be excited that their queries are answered by you in real-time, as they contemplate you as real individuals. And your way of communication made a position for the brand.
  • It also helps in your team build-up. WhatsApp also helps you to maintain good communication between your business team member and partner for regular updates.
  • WhatsApp also assists you while making the best use of mobile CRM.

10 Creative Ideas for Marketing on WhatsApp

If you are a marketer who follows creativity like the grimoire, here are the top 10 tips for you;

  1. Making a Broadcast list: A broadcast list is a very effective, essential, and time-saving feature in WhatsApp. You can add a contact in a list and send content to that list but your customers don’t know about your broadcast activity. You can reach out to all your customers within a second if you create a broadcast list.
  2. Advantage of group chat: You need to set up a whole plan to take advantage of the group chat. Because in a group there are different kinds of people from different backgrounds and if you can successfully convince them then they can surely spread it among their circle. Ohh!! We just forgot to mention one thing: it saves time also because the whole content reaches every participant in the group within a few seconds.
  3. Creative promotion with an offer: You needs to be very creative while promoting offers and a particular promotion of any product. You need to use catchy graphics videos and posters while promoting them. Because creativity catches the most attention than anything.
  4. Direct engagement overcall: WhatsApp also contains a feature of direct call which helps you to communicate with customers in a clear way. It gives you a crystal-clear picture of customers’ choice and engages the highest attention.
  5. Asking feedback: Asking for feedback is a major important thing nowadays. It’s a great way to maintain good communication with customers. And you can also find out your faults according to them. Another important thing you can also know about their mindset which helps your team to design content accordingly for business growth.
  6. Asking for collaboration with influencers and public figures: You can contact influencers or public figures to promote your brand through their status that can help your business to grow. Because most of the people follow their idols and they want to use the brands what these idol use.
  7. Video invitations: Nowadays video invitations are in trend. Honestly speaking currently people are too busy within themselves own self that they can’t manage time to read the whole text. So, a video can describe the whole thing to them without applying their own effort of reading. So, it is the most creative thing that you do for customers’ attention.
  8. Quality curated content: A good kind of content in a concise manner and attractive presentation catches the eyes of customers. So, it’s very important to deliver quality content to them for expanding business. If you can’t then they just hot irritated by boring content and that can hamper brand loyalty.
  9. Different content based on days: You know about different moods is based on different days of the week. You need to understand the mood and send text according to that. On the very first day of the week, you can send them reports or serious news. Middle of is all about sending tips and tricks and weekends are perfect for deals and offers. So, plan accordingly.
  10.  Send more than one message but don’t spam: You need to be very careful about your quantity of messages. You should maintain a thin line between too many texts and too few texts. If you are a media company then you can send 3-5 texts per day but if you are a brand then you can only send 5-10 messages weekly. It’s a small thing but you need to be careful about it.

5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Through WhatsApp Marketing

However, if you are someone who plays by the book, these proven strategies might be of mighty help for you;

  1. Instead of normal WhatsApp use WhatsApp for business: WhatsApp Businesses is a free app that is specifically built for business purposes. It contains many beneficial features for small and large scale like business profile, quick reply, automated messages, message statistics, etc which help businesses to be more interactive with customers.
  2. Create a contact database: If you create a perfect wide database of your customer’s contact then it becomes easier to engage more and more people effortlessly. If you maintain a proper database, it helps you at the end for hassle-free interactions. It also made loyalty clients because you are continuously updating them according to the database. You can’t miss out on any contact for help with it.
  3. Build-up appealing brand persona for WhatsApp: One of the very first and important strategies is making a particular brand persona. Because when you reach your customers, they must be able to identify your brand. It’s is very important to create an attractive persona or character which represents your brand with its number and increases high engagement. And it must be attractive and catchy careful about that.
  4. Swift delivered customer support: WhatsApp is an App that can deliver real-time customer service which helps to win customer’s trust. WhatsApp has a 70% of opening rate which is pretty good for companies’ Most importantly WhatsApp allowed delivering highly active customer service which attracts people to your brand.
  5. Leverage WhatsApp Status features: Businesses can use WhatsApp Status for flash advertisements which help it’s always noticeable to people and the company can track the engagement organically. It’s the trump card to the company if it used in a proper way.

So here is the wrap-up of the tip-to-toe discussion on WhatsApp marketing. Hope you see the bucket full of advantages and the largest opportunities in WhatsApp marketing. So, what’s pulling you back from adapt these marketing tactics for your goods. Be confident and determined toward your work.

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