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In this article, we’ll look at a couple of NFL players who have made a name for themselves in real estate. Terrence Murphy and Chris Copeland are two examples. Both were drafted in the second round and have since made their mark in the real estate world. Read on to learn more about their backgrounds and their real estate careers.


The Ivy League graduate is currently working in a hedge fund and flipping houses during his off-seasons. He is still looking for a team to play for this season, but he recently had a workout with the Ravens. In addition to being top NHL stats leaders, Copeland has an impressive background and is likely to become an important part of a new NFL franchise.

Copeland has also worked in the Wall Street industry, where he has gained experience in the real estate industry. He has also founded a nonprofit called Beyond the Basics Inc., which helps young people understand how to make their dreams a reality. While he is still an NFL player, he is also a part-time teacher.

Copeland lives in a luxury mansion on an acre. Its surrounding lakefront property is valued at $125,000. The nonprofit organization he founded has been paying far less in property taxes than his mansion, which is owned by a church. In fact, the church agrees on the value of the property with the Tarrant Appraisal District in Fort Worth. In the open market, the property would be worth millions of dollars.

Terrence Murphy

Terrence Murphy has used his skills on the field to become a real estate investor and entrepreneur. He started his brokerage, TM5 Properties, in 2010 and has completed over $250 million in sales volume since then. These stats show that Murphy is the type of individual who can make any business work.

Murphy played football at Texas A&M before being drafted in the NFL. After retiring from the NFL, he shifted his focus to real estate and is now the owner of 50 companies. He also teaches young people about the importance of staying healthy and active. During the last 10 years, he has personally broken records in sales volume. He has founded 20 ventures and has been personally responsible for more than $1 billion in sales volume.

Terrence Murphy, a native of Tyler, Texas, played football at Texas A&M and was drafted in the second round by the Green Bay Packers. He was the first receiver to reach 2,000 receiving yards at Texas A&M and still holds the school record for vertical jump. He also played quarterback during high school.

Copeland’s real estate career

While he might not have had a lot of experience in real estate prior to the show, Copeland is a good example of an agent who has gotten good results. His process of buying and selling homes is unique. For example, he shows potential buyers homes on video before they actually meet the sellers. In addition, Copeland developed a strategy to buy properties in specific cities, based on cash flow and development opportunities giveme5.

Copeland’s comedic timing shines through in the show. In the second episode, he makes a joke about the Atlanta Falcons, which is ironic given that the show is set in Gainesville, Georgia, which is home to the practice facility for the team. His show features homes of all types, from million-dollar homes to one-of-a-kind properties.

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