Everything about Types of Astrology

1. Natal Astrology

By using the birth chart or natal chart of a person, it is feasible to seek out every answer relating to a person’s objectives and direction. Along with that, natal astrology can give a more in-depth clarification of every expectation and worry that are felt deep inside.

A birth chart can help in accessing a person’s dreams, worries, and expectations with an understanding of how they manifested from previous births. With our birth information, the astrology expert can create a chart using the natal info along with the evolutions to see the timing and events taking place within the life of querent and find the ideal timing to commence tasks or execute objectives.

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2. Horary Astrology

There are instances when we have to be more definite rather than casting a typical horoscope chart to get every necessary answer.  This type of astrology is a dated astrology form wherein the querent asks something and with the assistance of the astrology expert, a predicted chart is cast, and answers are provided. Ask astrologer about this astrology to learn more about the same.

3. Uranian Astrology

Uranian Astrology utilizes midpoint, which are the middle points among 2 planets, in order to discover celestial triggers needed for one to get going in every matter of their lives.

To discover the middle points of an individual, you would need to create a midpoint tree with a midpoint calculator, or calculate on your own. After that, you would seek the points within the midpoint tree and check whether they’re being activated by any transits.

This technique is mainly effective when we talk about relationship astrology as it can provide certain details relating to how we connect with people or actively feel around them. Search for the most helpful mobile app for live astrology chat online.

4. Love astrology

In love astrology, a synastry chart is utilized for seeing how celestial bodies connect from one chart to another with a friend, colleague, crush, family member, or any important person.

One more way of love astrology is to build a composite chart wherein both charts are placed together to make a single chart out of the two.

While reading a composite chart, you must keep in mind that you are just seeing the ascendants and the celestial bodies. This is because you are looking at how both of you connect, and not how you both connect with other people.

The key misconception while carrying out love astrology is to determine what is going on in your love life. You do not need to look further than your individual chart. While we talk about interpersonal relations, astrology is everything regarding prediction. This implies that it is the energy that we give off to others and what we’re drawing into our lives.

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5. Vedic Astrology

This is a kind of Indian astrology that is more than thousands of years old. Contemporary Vedic Astrology is used in our country to predict the triumph of businesses, marriages, or any other aspect of life.

Likewise, Western, Vedic astrology comprises 12 signs. But, it is a bit different from Western astrology as it is regulated on the basis of constellations.

6. Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is maybe the most complicated form of astrology that exists. While somebody falls sick, it is vital to erect a chart for the time they go into their “sick bed” or realize that they should rest to get well.

In case a chart can’t be erected, then you must consider the date and time so that an astrology expert can see it and make a chart to comprehend the prognosis and find out when, why, and how the patient would feel better.

This form of astrology uses signs, positions of houses, planets to receive info related to ailments. However, it can, too, dictate sensitivities or body parts susceptible to ailment or disease.

7. Electoral Astrology

This type of astrology uses the moon to estimate intuitions. However, it truly focuses on what the ascendant is doing at the time when somebody wants to commence the activity or project.

The moon needs to be in the 1st house for attaining a favorable result, and not negated. This chart is rooted in the time the ascendant produces a positive vibe compliant with the moon.

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So in nutshell we can say that there are various types of astrology . one have to choose the best type of astrology for oneself depending upon the type of their preferences.

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