Different bingo types

When someone says that they’re playing bingo, the vast majority of us understand what that means. Bingo is known all over the world, and exists in various forms in most countries on the planet. Adults and children alike know how to play bingo because of the simplicity of the game, and its popularity passes from generation to generation.

However, when we say “bingo”, due to the various forms of it that exist, it’s become a bit of a generic term. You may liken it to telling someone that you’re a fan of “athletics”. So, are you a 100-metre sprinter? Do you run longer distances? Maybe you’re a high-jumper or a long-jumper. Alternatively, you could be really good at throwing the javelin or the discus. You get the picture. This umbrella term fits all sizes.

The same is with bingo. There are so many different games within the game, it’s worth knowing more about which type of bingo you’re playing. After all, there may be one type of game you’ve never tried which you’ll love!

30 ball bingo

Sometimes, 30 ball bingo is called “speed bingo”, and for good reason. This variant used the fewest numbers and whilst it isn’t as common as other types, you can find it on offer at various online sites.

With just 30 balls in play at one time, it makes for a much faster game of bingo that is unmatched by the lengthier alternatives. This is great if you have less time on your hands, or if you’re looking for a different take on an old favourite.

The cards only have 9 numbers on a 3×3 grid, with each square filled. Not only is this game played at a quicker pace, but there’s just one grand prize for the full-house winner too.

75 ball bingo

This version of bingo is most widely played in America. In 75 ball bingo, the first winner must have a full row of numbers crossed off their card in any direction – up, down or diagonally. 

Variant versions of 75 ball bingo can sometimes allow players to utilise different patterns to complete a row. The card for 75 ball bingo is a 5×5 grid with 25 squares. Of these, 24 contain numbers and the centre square is left blank. 

80 ball bingo 

80 ball bingo first originated in UK bingo halls, and it’s since transferred really successfully over to online bingo over time. It’s now one of the most popular bingo styles found on most sites, alongside the more classic 90 ball and 75 ball games.

80 ball bingo uses a 4×4 card, holding 16 numbers. There are a number of popular patterns used for winning an 80 ball bingo game, including 4 corners, single numbers, horizontal lines and vertical lines. 

90 ball bingo 

90 ball bingo is the most traditional form and is played with balls numbered from 1 to 90. It’s the most well-known type and the style most played around the world.

Tickets are made up of three lines containing five numbers each. There can be prizes for one line, two lines and the coveted full-house (all three lines). 

Make your own style! 

The great thing about bingo is that you can make your own rules amongst friends. It’s so versatile, you can experiment – each version is as fun as any other!

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