Change Display Settings in Windows 10 | Guide with Pictures

Do you know that there are times when your display is set to default resolution? This article talks about how you can adjust screen resolution by adjusting the settings in Windows 10.

If you’re running multiple applications, Windows 10 lets you adjust the application’s window resolution to make them look better.

For example, if you’ve got an open Excel spreadsheet and are working on your home computer, it may be best to set the resolution of the Excel window at 1024 x 768. With this setting, all applications will appear at their best without any visual distortion.

The screen size of a laptop is determined by the brand and model. You may have to alter the resolution of the screen according to your needs.

The Windows 10 21H1 version offers an easy method of adjusting the size of text, apps, and other items.

You can increase or decrease the size. Trial and error are necessary to determine which resolution works best.

A PC user’s interaction with the display is vital to the experience. You want to make your texts, web pages, and pictures look good. In Windows 10, you can adjust the color, brightness, and contrast of your screen. In the following article, we will explain how to do this.

A complete guide on changing screen resolution in Windows 10.

How to Make Windows 10 Look Best on Your Monitor

Windows 10 has modernized some of the features and functions for adjusting your screen settings.

You’ll find them in the new Windows 10 Settings app, which eventually will replace the legacy Control Panel. You can find them by going to Settings > System > Display and scrolling down to the Scale and layout section.

You can adjust the size of your text or apps by using the slider. By default, Windows 10 will choose the best size for your display.

Sliders below Adjust brightness level can be used to increase or decrease the screen’s brightness. The Battery Saver Notification Area offers quick access to these settings.

When you are working on a project, you might have noticed that the screen resolution of your computer changes.

Change Display Settings in Windows 10

You can change the screen resolution in Windows 10. Here are some steps to follow to change the screen resolution in Windows 10.

  1. By right-clicking an empty space on the desktop background, you can access the display settings window. Alternatively, you can type “change display settings” in the search bar and press enter.
  2. Using the drop-down menu under Multiple displays, select Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, or Show only one display. Press Windows + P to access display settings.

Windows 10’s display doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps the text is too small or too large. The resolution might not be to your taste. The color might not look right.

Do not despair; you can customize your display in Windows 10 to make it look just right by resizing the text, changing the resolution, calibrating the color, and much more.

It is possible that the list and layout of commands at this screen differ slightly based on the version of Windows 10 and your computer. I’m using Windows 10 as of Oct. 2021 on both a desktop and a laptop for these steps.

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