Biometric Security Technology – New Methods

There has been a lot of talk about biometric security technology and how to use it. But what exactly is biometric security technology? In the simplest terms, it is where you take a picture with a high-tech camera or scanner (usually done with your finger) and then put that picture in a chip or iris recognition device. With this method, you can have access to highly sensitive information without even leaving home.

The iris scan is just one form of biometric security technology. Another is fingerprint scanning. By taking fingerprints (or other forms of facial recognition) of people, businesses, and institutions, they are able to give access to high security keys or codes. Even when the information is matched with a known person, the security system is still effective because fingerprints are unique. Therefore, no one else would have the same fingerprint as the key provided to you.

However, not all biometric security systems are foolproof. If you were to go to a public area, such as a bank, and you did not have access to a scanner that read fingerprints, you could be tricked into entering a wrong code. While this would not allow you to gain access to the high security keys or codes, it would let them know that you were trying to get into their establishment illegally. For added security you could use an ID badge that has an imbedded chip. The chip could be used in combination with a pin number. Custom badges used this way add two factor authentication and is more secure than either method alone. l This could compromise the security of the bank and the information stored within it. Therefore, if you want to avoid being duped, do not go to these places alone; bring along a trusted friend or relative.

However, although it may seem impersonal, it is not completely impossible to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks. For instance, there are biometric security systems available that can read voiceprints. These are often used in conjunction with fingerprint scans to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to gain entry into secured areas. However, voiceprints cannot always be read by voice recognition software, so some companies are working on developing devices that can read a person’s voice and then determine whether or not they are who they say they are. Of course, this does not eliminate the possibility of a voice record being fudged, but voice recognition software is getting better all the time.

Another type of biometric security technology involves using your iris, or eye, to scan an object. By using a special lens designed to identify a person’s eyesight, this method of authentication uses iris patterns to verify whether or not a person is who they claim to be. Of course, this method does not work for everyone, as certain people have naturally darker hair colors than others. It also works best for people with light eyes, such as those with green or gray eyes. However, the iris pattern cannot always be read, which makes this type of biometric security technology somewhat ineffective when it comes to identifying someone who has long hair.

The most secure form of biometric security technology is the combination of voice recognition software and eye scanning. When you speak, your voice is converted into computer data, which is then processed by voice recognition software. When this process is complete, the software can determine whether or not the person is who they say they are. In many cases, the software will let the user know if they are authorized to enter a restricted area. If not, the system will not allow access and will redirect the user to another area in which they can gain entrance. As you can see, biometric security systems are still very much a work in progress.

Another type of biometric security technology uses something called iris recognition. Using iris recognition, a camera is used to scan the eyes of individuals trying to get into a secured area. If the eyes are recognized, the information contained in the iris (name, address, etc) is translated into computer data. The data is then analyzed to determine if the person attempting to gain entry is authorized to be there.

While the biometric security technology of today is far from what it was even a decade ago, it is still an important part of the security world. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable. As stated before, it’s nearly impossible to fool the system with a fake key or some other devious device. However, if you truly want high security, it’s imperative that you use a company with the technology to back up their equipment.

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