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In today’s world from the time of waking up in the morning and until getting back to bed at the end of a day for a night’s sleep wonder if we have thought about all of the activities that are done. Let’s take a look at it citing an example what may be common to most people in today’s world. Making breakfast, waking the kids, oversee them get ready for school, father getting ready for office, drive and drop the kids in school, settle down to work in office, after a hard day in office whilst driving back home pick up some stuff for home need.  This day started

At 5 am in the morning and got back home at 7 pm in the evening. 14 hours of physical and mental taxation. This routine takes place on 5 days of a week. Apart from this routine got to attend to other chores like laundry, taking care of dinner etc. and any unexpected situations may come about like having to seek medical care over a sickness. No surprise that at an end of a day we are tired and stressed, even more at the end of a week. Ways to overcome this fatigue is a must rather than an option. And just to that like to introduce here one of the world’s most popular and accepted method to bring in that that much needed relaxation. AMAZON PRIME VIDEO will oblige the whole family doing that in the most effective and ultimate way.

Features of Amazon Prime Videos

AMAZON been one of the leaders in video entertainment has an incredible selection to offer each customer with their preference of choice. The best and popular movies featuring famous stars, sports, and anything. Or tune into a TV channel. With all these on offer to the users of the App, will keep them entertained, keep them updated with latest happenings by way of news broadcasts.

Watch all of the Amazon originals like Mrs. Maisel, The Marvellous, The Boys and many more.

By downloading the videos of your choice watch them offline, at your convenience and from anywhere. Create your own entertainment with the Apps Multi-user profiles.

Amazon video will guarantee to live up to “PRIME” as stated in their brand by making available streaming to the max with thousands ++ movies and TV shows. With family or friends, by watching AMAZON PRIME VIDEO over a drink and food will offer plenty of cool fun and enjoyment, same time relaxing all to the max limit. Hectic weekday schedule with fatigue will not be a worry as AMAZON PRIME VIDEO has taken care of that. From morning until the end of the day will be “GOOD” be it the morning, afternoon, evening, or night with the amazing AMAZON App.

How to install Amazon Prime on Android TV

Amazon prime videos will be available as a default application on Amazon Fire TV sticks and Fire TV devices. How to install this application on Android TV boxes. You can use Play Store application of your TV box to install. If not, you can try using below method. You may not able to install this application even using Play Store. Because this Prime video service does not available for all devices and all regions. If you are planning to use VPN then use one of below application to install on your TV.

Best Android TV apps side-loaders are AppLinked and FileSynced. You can use any of those application to install any Android TV app or game on your TV box easily. There are two options when using AppLinked or FileSynced. You can find FileSynced code that has that application you are looking for. If not, you can create your own FileSynced store and add applications you want to install.

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