A Complete Guide to WooCommerce SEO in 2021

No matter which ecommerce store builder you use, SEO is always important for you. No matter how useful products or services you provide through your online store, if you don’t have an SEO strategy then you might lose a huge number of sales. Because your content is not visible to the world if you are not using result oriented SEO packages. The same thing happens when we talk about WooCommerce SEO. 

Most of the WooCommerce store owners think that they have chosen the best online store builder and now they have the best products listed and the rest of the things will work on automation. But wait before you think this way. Because you need to do a lot of things while running an online store through WooCommerce. So here we are with a complete guide on how to do SEO on WooCommerce in 2021. There are several ways to explain WooCommerce SEO in 2021, but here we are with the best and easy ways to optimize your WooCommerce store.

What Is WooCommerce SEO?

As a store owner, you may think that WooCommerce stores are already SEO friendly. Yes, we know that all the store building platforms have made it easy for the store owners to operate an online store and also they have made it SEO friendly. But still, there is cut-throat competition out there in the market. To stand out of the crowd in this cut through the competition you will need a strong SEO strategy. Your WooCommerce SEO strategy should have specific SEO tasks that only a WooCommerce store will require.

Why Do You Need It?

Competition is the only reason that will encourage you to start doing WooCommerce SEO. There might be other reasons also, but competition is the major reason that you need to focus on. To rank higher than your competitors and to get more sales on your online store you need to focus on WooCommerce SEO in 2021.

Step By Step Guide For WooCommerce SEO

Now don’t be confused about anything. Here we are with the complete guide for WooCommerce SEO. Here you will get to know how to do WooCommerce Store SEO in simple steps. There are always chances that you will miss something in an SEO campaign. But following all these steps will make you able to completely cover all the aspects of SEO of your WooCommerce store. So let’s get started with this step-by-step guide.

#1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the key element of any SEO strategy. If your WooCommerce store is not following proper guidelines related to on-page SEO, then there is something big that you are missing. Many things are there to be considered while doing on-page SEO. Following are some of the things that are important to modify according to the on-page SEO guidelines.

  • Titles

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Images

  • URLs

#2. Off-Page SEO

The next thing that you need to focus on is off-page SEO. Here in this step, you will be working off of your website. You will be working with other external web pages to make your website stand out from the crowd. The major task that you need to do is PR & link building. There are many resources available for off-page SEO. 

Link Building

Link building is important in SEO services. We are not talking about internal link building. Rather than this, we are talking about external link building. Where we will be redirecting a nice amount of traffic to our website through externally published links. 

#3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is also important because it deals with the core elements that work behind a website. Your online WooCommerce store may need some modifications in the following segments to improve site rankings. 

  • Site Structure

  • Sitemap

  • Navigation

  • Indexing

#4. Look For Errors

Errors are always there to annoy any online store. From a high bounce rate too a low click-through rate, many problems occur due to various errors on a website. There can be many errors in killing your site rankings and organic traffic. Following are some of the common errors that you need to remove for a better ranking of your WooCommerce store.

  • Duplicate Content

  • Broken Links

  • Error Pages

#5. Page Loading Speed

If your website is not loading faster than your competitors then your WooCommerce store won’t be able to monetize more. There will be no more sales if your product pages take more time to load. Following are some tips to improve page load speed.

  • Use Compressed Media Files

  • High-Speed Server

#6. Mobile Optimization

Keep your website or WooCommerce store ready for mobile devices. Mobile device users are really important for any online store. If your online store is not utilizing mobile device traffic, then there might be a big loss for you. So try to focus on mobile optimization. By visiting this site you can know about keyword research tool.


Online stores are working hard to rank their websites higher on search engine result pages. If you are also struggling to rank your WooCommerce store, then this step by step guide might work for you. You need to focus on all the aspects related to an SEO campaign. Specifically, you need to focus more on eCommerce store SEO. This guide consists of everything from keyword research to mobile optimization. 

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