7 Ways To Improve Grateful Patient Programs

You’re using Salesforce donation management software to keep your information organized and tracking your top donors closely. Is there anything else you can do to find funding for your hospital? As it turns out, there’s a giving program many medical institutions are adopting: the grateful patient program.

Engage Potential Supporters as Early as Possible

To be successful, the most important thing is to start your efforts early. That means getting in touch with potential supporters immediately. The sooner you make contact, the more time you have to fundraise.

How Omatic Software Automates Integrating Health/Wealth Data

Rather than updating each system individually when you receive new information, Omatic software can automatically update all systems when data is entered into one. For example, when you perform gift entry Salesforce, that new entry appears across applicable applications. That way, everyone in your organization is on the same page.

6 More Ways To Improve Your Grateful Patient Program

As a non-profit professional, you’re always looking for better ways to fundraise. The good news is, there are steps you can take to get the most from your hospital’s grateful patient program. Here are six tips to ensuring your program is running at peak efficiency.

1. Put Patient Well-Being First

Of course, the first concern of any medical facility is caring for patients. That effort saves and betters lives every day. It’s also the number one way to convince people to give. Many patients are happy to support the good work hospitals do.

2.  Set up a Matching Gift Program

An easy way to double your intake is through a matching gift program. This allows employers and other companies to match donations made by patients. Many businesses are happy to do so, as it’s good PR and is often a tax write-off.

3. Screen and Prioritize Prospects

To make sure your energies are going toward prospects with the highest chance of giving, you should screen and prioritize potential donors. Your data system can help you identify who gives more often and most generously.

4. Create Easily Accessible Patient Materials

Patients are often grateful for their care but don’t know they can express that gratitude through donations. To reach as many potential donors as possible, you can create accessible materials explaining your program:

  • Webpages
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures

Not everyone who receives materials will give, but providing them to everyone ensures those who want to donate have a way.

5. Make Protocols for the Program

Asking for donations when you provide medical care can be tricky. To ensure everything is above board, you need to create protocols that outline how donations are asked for and tracked.

6. Get Everyone on Board

To prevent hiccups, you need to ensure that everyone in your organization is on board. That includes top personnel:

  • CEO
  • Board members
  • Administrators

To help them understand the need for the program, explain why it’s beneficial, and outline the protocols that keep it ethical. Even if a few people aren’t on the same page, you may run into obstacles.

With the right giving program and non profit data management software, you can more efficiently fundraise. That means more resources for patient care.

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